Syria is a Frightening Place

It can be easy to look at death tolls and brush them off when one is not themselves directly affected by it. When there are no faces to put with those who died, it’s simpler to shrug it off as “just another war” than to sit down and actually think about those people who died, the families that were affected. Photos like the one of Omran Daqneesh in Syria are the backhand to the face that brings us back to reality.

Bullets, airstrikes, landmines do not see faces. Too often it seems innocent people are hurt, to the point to where the medics in Syria are accustomed to it. Mustafa al Sarouq with the Aleppo Media Center even said “The truth is that image you see today is repeated every day in Aleppo” (Narayan). I could not imagine the horrific things all the people have seen, and it especially makes me wonder how medics and nurses can continue to go out everyday, just knowing that it will more than likely be worse than the last. At some point it must become numbing, but paramedics should be cherished.

The article states that “Ali suffered a lot of trauma” (Amman) from being under the rubble for so long. I know how I feel when I am on the bottom of a dog pile, and that lasts for less than a minute. Being helpless under rubble for that long is the type of thing that welcomes nightmares by just thinking about it. I have a step brother who is right around Ali’s age, and I could not even fathom something like this happening to him. Yet for the people in Syria this is just another day of life.

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