Learning to not Procrastinate

Procrastination is something especially rampant in high school and college. A company named StudyMode found in 2014 that 87 percent of the high school and college students they asked self-identified as procrastinators. In that same study, 45 percent of the students said that it was hurting their grades. So why do students continue to procrastinate when it is obvious that it is only going to work against them? There are a few obvious reasons, such as it is just more fun to not do your work and instead hang out with friends, watch television, play video games, etc. However, at the end of the day we know it must be done, so why stress ourselves out and wait until the last second?

Procrastination was a big problem for me in high school, as I was able to skate by on the bare minimum with no repercussions. It seems like that is the case for most people. Also, as outlined by Cal Poly, there are four simple reasons for procrastinating. The task is seen as difficult, time-consuming, there is a lack of knowledge, and finally just fears in general. To me, the most relatable is being afraid of seeing people see my work and going, “oh wow that is downright atrocious.” Now you would think having that mindset would lead to me wanting to get a head start on my work, and take it slowly so that I could edit more and not feel so panicked. And yet, I would find myself typing out papers the night before they were due, waiting to study until the night of the test, and then feeling iffy whenever I would turn something in or take a test.

Freshmen year of college, I learned this would not be the case. I waited to study for a statistics test until a few hours before I had to take it, and waited until the night a five page paper was due to type it. I did awfully on both, receiving a D on both. This freaked me out, and made me realize that going forward I would need to develop better study habits in order to achieve the grades I really wanted to. This has led to me, for the most part mind you, starting to review about four to five days out from a test. So far, it has helped immensely, as I have been far less stressed and more prepared for my exams. J2150 has only reinforced this idea because if you do not stay organized and on top of things it will eat you alive.


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