Thanksgiving Break

Thanksgiving break is right around the corner, and it could not be coming at a better time. A weeklong break from school and responsibility in general sounds heavenly right now, and I have to appreciate these breaks while I can. Once I am out of college, that type of break will almost entirely vanish. School has continued to get more challenging, and going home to my dogs and some home-cooked meals will be a great reprieve. The home-cooked meals are what I am looking forward to the most, and with Thanksgiving being a part of the festivities it will be a feast.

However, Thanksgiving is much different than it used to be in my household. Growing up Thanksgiving was kind of a rotation, in that one year it would be at my grandma’s on my dad’s side, then my aunt’s (dad’s side again), and then it would be at our house, with both sides of the family coming. It was always fun to see everyone together, and some great memories would come out of those times, like watching football, or the time we used a stuffed animal frog to replace my cousin in family photos cause he could not make it that year. I loved getting to see my cousins, as they were all people I looked up to a lot and just gave off a great vibe. They were all at least five years older than me, but never made that a barrier and were always sure to include me in whatever they were doing (minus drinking).

Those days are gone now for a multitude of reasons, and Thanksgiving is more of a humble affair. My mother and I wake up, make food (with her doing the majority of it), watch television and hang out. Sometimes we will take the dogs for a walk and shoot a little hoops. The week is what I cherish more now, seeing friends that I have not seen since the summer and getting to catch up with my parents. College takes a toll on those that go, but almost more so on our parents. I still can not imagine what it is like to raise someone for eighteen years and see them pretty much every day, then send them off on their own and hardly see them. Helping us grow up has been a huge aspect of their lives, and to lose that is crazy. Combine that with the fact that kids in college often are not the best at staying in touch and you have an easy recipe for driving parents insane. Falling out of touch was something I was especially prone to last semester, and while I have gotten better this semester it is still a struggle. Keeping my parents in the loop is one of my main goals going forward, and I hope to be able to accomplish it.


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