Bucket List

No, no, this is not a post about my bucket list. This is a post about an album called Bucket List by Saba, one that contains more bucket lists inside it. The album is Saba’s first, after two mixtapes entitled GETCOMFORTable and ComfortZone. I discovered Saba as ComfortZone came out, and he has quickly become one of my favorite artists.

Saba is from Chicago, part of the new wave of Chicago music that includes artists like Mick Jenkins, Vic Mensa, Chance the Rapper, Joey Purp, Noname, and Jamila Woods to just name a few. Chicago is undoubtedly popping in the music scene right now, with diverse artists springing up out of seemingly every corner.

The production on this album is immaculate and serves as a great compliment to Saba’s wide vocal range. Saba does a good job of matching the energy of the beat, speeding up and slowing down in line with the ups and downs of the beat. The one aspect of the album that could possibly use work are the choruses, which can be relatively weak at times. However that is more just me looking for something to criticize than an actual huge detriment to the album.

The different people Saba gets to come on to his project and list their bucket lists is especially interesting to me. They range from stars like Chance the Rapper and Lupe Fiasco, to small time Twitter rappers like Joshua to Saba’s own dad. That range brings a whole other aspect to the album. For the more popular people, it shows that there is always something more to strive for. Chance says he wants to learn how to play drums because drummers “get the girl.” Saba’s dad talks about all the places he wants to go to, and that he is proud of Saba. For Joshua all he wants to do is “drop a project” and does not care if anyone even ends up listening to it.

The variety in bucket lists is similar to the variety of people you will find in Chicago. In such a large city with so many people, there are so many different interests and hobbies that each person’s are unique in their own way. Hearing all these different bucket lists is a nice way to represent that, and gets one thinking about what their own bucket list might be, and how they can set about achieving it. For me, I just hope to make it through the rest of the semester alive.



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