The End of J2150

J2150 was a very challenging class, but one that I believe is important to take. It is a kind of crash course in the essentials of multimedia journalism, as we learned about shooting video, recording audio, and taking photos. I had limited experience with shooting video before this class, and was a complete beginner in recording audio and taking well-shot, focused photos.

This class was useful because I learned how to work the Nikon D7000 and understand what makes a good picture, how to take one, and how to use photoshop. The same goes for learning how to shoot a sequence in video, and editing in premiere. Even though I want to go into digital/print journalism and be a writer, these are still important skills to have. It is good to have at least a little bit of a background in everything, and I never know when I could be put on the spot to go out and shoot a video or take pictures. I feel much more comfortable operating a camera/video camera now.

However, I do think there is a fair amount of room for improvement with this class. I know this semester was the first time the class had operated with three different teachers instead of just one, but the structure of the class was a bit of a mess. There wasn’t a set syllabus for a majority of the class which made it kind of awkward to always understand what was supposed to be going on in the class. Along with that, I thought that maybe we could have gotten a little more instruction on how to operate the equipment. The photo and audio sections did an excellent job of breaking down how to use the equipment, but I felt that I was kind of left hanging with video. On the other hand, video is said to be the hardest aspect of the class and it may be hard to teach a lot of it, it may just be learn by trying.

Ultimately my favorite part of the class was having Travis and Shane as teachers. I thought they were both really interesting and clearly passionate about what they were teaching. Having passionate teachers always makes me more eager to be in the class and be motivated.


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